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Why are #hashtags important?

What is a hashtag?

Lets start off by understanding what a hashtag is.. a hashtag is a symbol used to label content and product content. When using a relevant hashtag you enable your potential customer/client an easy route to quickly find you or the content. By searching a hashtag you can gain access to areas of interest for example #jobs would find you job adverts or #hampshire would possibly show you location information,events and more. In 2020 most items, places and even celebrities come with their own hashtag.

Have I said hashtag enough times yet..?

Can I create my own hashtag?

Yes; a short and catchy obvious hashtag could really grow your business or product. Try doing research on similar items/brands to see what works for them. Use your research as inspiration to create your own idea. When it comes to branding, gaining a recognised hashtag can be extremely fruitful. This is especially true when it comes to ecommerce.

Drum up some publicity for your hashtag by sharing it with relevant content. Share it far and wide with family and friends. Utilise each platform you have to gain growth. When someone is sharing something that is to do with your business/service ask them to use the hashtag. Shameless self plug here guys. I began using #harpersva when I started Harpers Virtual Assistance and now pop it onto most content that I share and I hope in time it will grow for my own branding and the services I offer.

TIP! During your research make sure no one else is using your idea.

Will I get noticed?

Yes, time and effort will be needed. Nothing is ever for free so you must invest your time to gain the rewards. If you do a little digging and have a look at similar trending hashtags you may find one relevant to you that you can add on to your content for more exposure. An example of this is a Cleaning business, if you taker a look online at Rightag.com and search within the industry you'll notice #cleaning gets you 19,058 exposures within an hour on Twitter.com whereas #cleaners will only gain 4,150 exposures.

FACT: Did you know the hashtag was first used in 2007

Here's the important stuff!!

(I sit and type this as a past guilty over tagger)

Do not hashtag everything. Use relevant hashtags that genuinely have a link to your content. Social media allows people to set their platforms to not show for hashtag.

Trackmavern.com released stats on the best amount of hashtags to use and the evidence showed 9, so it's worth remembering to not over do it if you can.

Shadow banning

Now I have previously touched on shadow banning before so I won't bore you to death. The general consensus here is repetition isn't liked by the social platforms. It flags up as spammy lets say! So ensure if you have set hashtags that you make variations, this should ensure you don't get shadow banned.

For those of you who don't know what it actually means, it means that your content isn't getting shared or exposed via the hashtags.

To check and make sure that you are fully exposing yourself (Stop it) a quick search on the hashtag should give you the answer. Sometimes this is super time consuming so a quick Google will give you a host of test generators to check also.

My last words... Use relevant #hashtags a good one could be invaluable!

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